Michael Mao


My name is Michael Mao. I am currently an algorithm engineer at Shukun Technology developing AI algorithms and foundational models for medical imaging and other medical purposes.

My research interest lies mainly in natural language processing, computer vision, multi-modal learning, and their medical applications. You can learn more about what motivates me in my mission page.

In my free time, I enjoy photography, visiting museums, visiting places of man-made and natural beauty, and tinkering with 3D printing technologies. I am especially fascinated by landscape photography and street photography. You can check out some of my photography works in my photography page.

Previously, I spent 2 years at Microsoft as a software engineer in ODSP (OneDrive SharePoint).

I received my B.Sc. in Computer Science with honors from Brown University in 2021, focusing on AI and systems. During this period, I was an active member in Brown’s data science community, organizing Brown’s annual datathon and designing and hosting machine learning and data science workshops throughout the year. I was also the Head Teachin Assistant of the CSCI 1470/2470 Computational Linguistics class taught by late Professor Eugene Charniak.

For more details on my past experiences, check out my Curriculum Vitae.